Spring Clean Checklist!

Spring forward into a cleaner office and you could boost your productivity and peformance at work. Since less clutter means less choas, a tidy workspace can help improve your focus and provide a better picture of you and your work habits. 


We've compiled a complete but doable spring cleaning checklist for you. Take one lunch hour off this week to complete. You will feel lighter, more organized and refreshed! 

  1.  Clean Your Computer - Inside and Out! Next to your cell phone, your computer is probably the dirtiest thing in your cubicle, full of nasty bacteria that can be a health hazard. Use wipes specifically designed for monitors to remove germs and fingerprints and a compression air can to remove debris from in between keys. After cleaning the hardware, start on the internal elements. Create folders and sort items. Delete unnecessary files or back up to cloud storage or an external hard drive. 
  2. Dump Your Drawers - The best way to clean out desk drawers is to start from scratch. Emptying everything, sorting through it and putting back only the essentials. Use drawer organizers for necessities such as pens, tape, paper clips and staples.
  3. Organize Paper - Clear off those paper piles on your desk. File them either electronically or with labels and store away. File anything outdated and recycle anything not useful.
  4. Add Some Extras - Having personal items such as photos, green plants will make your space more cheerful without sacrificing proficiency. Keep it to a minimum though. You don't want more clutter