Employees Love a Clean Work Environment


The national turnover rate across all reported industries in 2018 was 44.3%. According to The Realtime Report, this is a 5 percent increase since 2014. But, a positive work environment can boost productivity and keep the turnover rate down. Here are a few things that can help make sure a workspace is working for a business instead of against it.

  1. Keep It Clean. Nobody wants to stay in a dirty environment for eight or more hours of their day. Keeping a clean space can help to keep a lot of employees happy. Keep cleaning staff on site throughout the day, which will make maintaining the environment easier. For specialty tasks, hire professionals for some deep office cleaning when needed.

  2. Try a Nontraditional office setup. The days when cubicles encouraged productivity are gone. Revamping the physical work environment to best fit the productivity needs of the people working can reap immediate rewards. Try a more open space with shareable desks and different seating options.

  3. Let the Light shine in. Sluggish employees may be suffering from lack of light throughout the day. Studies have shown that natural light has multiple benefits, including preventing depression by boosting vitamin D storage and promoting an increase in productivity levels.

    According to CleanLink reports on a 2018 survey on employee satisfaction, cleanliness is a key factor. The survey found a significant majority of the respondents identified safety and hygiene (94%) and organization of work environments (93%) as main components of their happiness on the job.

    In addition, according to the study, 9 of of 10 manufacturing employees believe quality on-the-job tools, such as cleaning products, impact their productivity (90%) along with their happiness.

CleanOffice / PorterPlus Moves into New Headquarters

On March, 25, 2019 CleanOffice / PorterPlus completed our relocation and opened the doors to our new Headquarters/Main Office in Herndon, Virginia.

This new location will support all corporate departments and staff, and will also include a collaborative work-station that will allow our field managers a plug-and-play hub to conduct their business.

Our new office building in Herndon, Va.

Our new office building in Herndon, Va.

This new office is strategically located near the intersection of the Fairfax County Parkway and the Dulles Toll Road. The Reston Town Center is within a five minute drive and the new Monroe Station Metro Rail stop is literally across the street.

Per Heather Parker, Director of Client Services, who has been with the company for 11+ years, “I’m so excited for this new chapter in our journey that truly reflects our growth and continued stability and success of our organization. This new location not only gives our office staff a better work environment, but it also moves us closer to our clients which will only improve our ability to serve and support them daily.”

We look forward to this exciting move, and welcome visits from our clients, field employees and contracting partners.

Introducing our CleanOffice/PorterPlus Referral Program

Our clients are our greatest advocates! 

gift card.jpg

We truly appreciate your support and want to reward you for providing us with the opportunity to share our services with your peers and associates.

Here's how you can help...It's pretty simple:

  1. Email Brad@cleanoffice.com or Heather@cleanoffice.com with contact information for someone that could benefit from our services.
  2. If we prepare a proposal for services at one of their properties, then YOU will receive a $25 gift card to either Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or Chik-fil-A (your choice)

AND ...If they become a new CleanOffice/PorterPlus client you will receive a gift card in the amount of $100 to Best Buy! 

Spring Clean Checklist!

Spring forward into a cleaner office and you could boost your productivity and peformance at work. Since less clutter means less choas, a tidy workspace can help improve your focus and provide a better picture of you and your work habits. 


We've compiled a complete but doable spring cleaning checklist for you. Take one lunch hour off this week to complete. You will feel lighter, more organized and refreshed! 

  1.  Clean Your Computer - Inside and Out! Next to your cell phone, your computer is probably the dirtiest thing in your cubicle, full of nasty bacteria that can be a health hazard. Use wipes specifically designed for monitors to remove germs and fingerprints and a compression air can to remove debris from in between keys. After cleaning the hardware, start on the internal elements. Create folders and sort items. Delete unnecessary files or back up to cloud storage or an external hard drive. 
  2. Dump Your Drawers - The best way to clean out desk drawers is to start from scratch. Emptying everything, sorting through it and putting back only the essentials. Use drawer organizers for necessities such as pens, tape, paper clips and staples.
  3. Organize Paper - Clear off those paper piles on your desk. File them either electronically or with labels and store away. File anything outdated and recycle anything not useful.
  4. Add Some Extras - Having personal items such as photos, green plants will make your space more cheerful without sacrificing proficiency. Keep it to a minimum though. You don't want more clutter

CleanOffice Recognized in 2017 WBJ Book of Lists


In 2017, CleanOffice was ranked #5, and was included on the Top 10 Listing for the 9th consecutive year.

CleanOffice president Greg Buchner attended the event and had the following remarks:

“This was a first-class event that recognized some of the most recognizable and reputable companies in the DC Metro Area.  We are honored to be part of this group, and look forward to returning next year!”


Employee of the Month Announced

We are proud to announce that Nelson Bolanos has been named Employee of the Month for December, 2017.  Nelson is an instrumental team player on our daily Operations Team in the Roving Porter Position.  He has gained the trust of the managers and clients via hard work, professionalism and eagerness to constantly improve and learn something new  He always takes on any task given to him with no hesitation.  We thank Nelson for his excellent work.


CleanOffice Promotes Rene Brunal to Director of Operations

Dir. Of Ops..jpg

CleanOffice has promoted Rene Brunal to the position of Director of Operations. Rene joined the CleanOffice management team as Operations Manager in February 2017 and previously held senior management level positions at top-tier Building Service Contracting companies on the east coast.

He has quickly proven himself as a key member of the CleanOffice management team and brings a combination of leadership, industry experience and knowledge that brings immense value to the company.

As noted by CleanOffice President Greg Buchner, "Rene brings a dimension to CleanOffice that we've really never had before. He's a true industry expert as it relates to overseeing all facets of our daily service operations. More importantly he has immediately developed a strong working-relationship with our other key staff members and the collaborative impact is huge for us. In fact, Rene along with our Director of Client Services, Heather Green, form a dynamic team that is truly dedicated to delivering first-class services to our clients."

We congratulate Rene on his promotion and look forward to his continued success at CleanOffice.

CleanOffice Cracks "Top 5" on WBJ List

CleanOffice listed among the DC Metro Area's "Top Commercial Cleaning Companies."

CHANTILLY, MARCH 3 - For the 9th straight year, CleanOffice was listed among the DC Metro Area's "Top Commercial Cleaning Companies" which is published annually by the Washington Business Journal. This year was another milestone year for CleanOffice as company checked-in at the #5 position on this prestigious listing.

Achieving this recognition, however, is no accident. According to company
president, Greg Buchner, "2016 was our best year on record for the company, and
it's a direct result of setting goals, planning and execution. Every business person in
the DC Metro area recognizes that the Washington Business Journal is the goldstandard
business-publication for the region, so it's always a great honor to be part
of this list."

When asked about what contributed to CleanOffice's success in 2016, he
commented that "While we will always be closely tied to the traditional commercial
office sector, we did a great in 2016 of job of diversifying our customer base which
led to exciting, new growth opportunities." This included the launch of their
PorterPlus program which lead to expansion in retail, multi-family properties (condo /
apartment), and places of worship.

In addition, 2016 was a year in which CleanOffice invested in the future by bolstering
its office staff and management team. With key new-hires in Accounting, HR and
Operations, Buchner is confident that the company can sustain its growth-trend well
into the future as he added, "this past year was a transition year for CleanOffice as
we evolved from a company in which a few key employees wore many hats into an
organization with department managers and staff members who can help lead us
into the future."

On behalf of the entire CleanOffice team, we'd like to be sure to thank our employees
and their families, our vendor-partners, and our amazing client base for their support
of our company and our services. We look forward to being back on the list in 2018!

About CleanOffice
CleanOffice, Inc. is a full service commercial cleaning company providing quality daily cleaning, specialty cleaning services and preventative maintenance programs for office buildings throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

CleanOffice Gains GreenSeal GS-42 Re-Certification

CleanOffice proud to be among the few certified in the state of Virginia.

CHANTILLY, FEBRUARY 20 - CleanOffice recently completed their re-certification
process for GreenSeal's GS-42 Standard for Commercial / Institutional Service
Providers. The GreenSeal organization develops and monitors standards and best
practices for manufacturers and service-providers across a wide spectrum of

For the cleaning industry, GreenSeal has develop a set of specific practices and
methodologies that are incorporated into each company's cleaning
programs. CleanOffice first achieved the GS-42 certification in 2009, and has
continued to their commitment and investment to the highest level of "green
standards" year after year.

According to Heather Green, Director of Client Services, "In this day and age, and
especially in the DC Metro area, it's not good enough to simply dabble in
green/sustainable practices, you have to be fully committed. And by under-going this
rigorous process of documented methodologies, site visits and audits, it really forces
you to fully embrace all aspects of being a leader in the "green" business

As one of only 10 companies based in Virginia to boast the GreenSeal GS-42
status, Green finds the certification to be a true differentiator in a crowded
competitive landscape. She went on to add, "When clients are selecting a cleaning partner
for their facility, they really need to think long and hard about who they are
doing business with. Is their service provider fully-committed to safe,
environmentally-friendly products and methodologies? Are they truly a steward of
the natural environment? Do they care about their employee's and the staff
members at their client sites?" These are all great questions. And with CleanOffice,
the answer is yes.

Whether you are the project lead for an aspiring LEED property, or an office
manager for an environmentally-minded company, be sure to visit GreenSeal's
web page at www.greenseal.org to learn more about the companies that have made
the ultimate commitment to the environment.

About CleanOffice
CleanOffice, Inc. is a full service commercial cleaning company providing quality daily cleaning,
specialty cleaning services and preventative maintenance programs for office buildings throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.