CleanOffice Cracks "Top 5" on WBJ List

CleanOffice listed among the DC Metro Area's "Top Commercial Cleaning Companies."

CHANTILLY, MARCH 3 - For the 9th straight year, CleanOffice was listed among the DC Metro Area's "Top Commercial Cleaning Companies" which is published annually by the Washington Business Journal. This year was another milestone year for CleanOffice as company checked-in at the #5 position on this prestigious listing.

Achieving this recognition, however, is no accident. According to company
president, Greg Buchner, "2016 was our best year on record for the company, and
it's a direct result of setting goals, planning and execution. Every business person in
the DC Metro area recognizes that the Washington Business Journal is the goldstandard
business-publication for the region, so it's always a great honor to be part
of this list."

When asked about what contributed to CleanOffice's success in 2016, he
commented that "While we will always be closely tied to the traditional commercial
office sector, we did a great in 2016 of job of diversifying our customer base which
led to exciting, new growth opportunities." This included the launch of their
PorterPlus program which lead to expansion in retail, multi-family properties (condo /
apartment), and places of worship.

In addition, 2016 was a year in which CleanOffice invested in the future by bolstering
its office staff and management team. With key new-hires in Accounting, HR and
Operations, Buchner is confident that the company can sustain its growth-trend well
into the future as he added, "this past year was a transition year for CleanOffice as
we evolved from a company in which a few key employees wore many hats into an
organization with department managers and staff members who can help lead us
into the future."

On behalf of the entire CleanOffice team, we'd like to be sure to thank our employees
and their families, our vendor-partners, and our amazing client base for their support
of our company and our services. We look forward to being back on the list in 2018!

About CleanOffice
CleanOffice, Inc. is a full service commercial cleaning company providing quality daily cleaning, specialty cleaning services and preventative maintenance programs for office buildings throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.