The Joy of Giving

Joy of Giving.JPG

When we kicked -off the new year in January, the CleanOffice/PorterPlus management team began a series of monthly off-site meetings to identify goals, strategies and initiatives for 2019.

One of the initiatives that we identified and committed to was to increase our “giving.” In short, we wanted to take actions to show our clients, our employees and the community at-large that we truly care and are willing to make monetary and personal investments to help ensure that our impact is felt.

We are delighted to know that we have kept good on our pledge, and through the first few months of 2019 have the following highlight to share:

  • Continued participation and support of Women Giving Back (WGB), an organization that supports women and children in crises by providing a place to shop for gently used clothing.

  • March 2019-Donated to Associa Cares as part of program that provides immediate financial relief to families that have been impacted by a catastrophic event.

  • April 2019 - Brad Buchner got his hands (and feet) dirty while participating in the CAI DC Area Watershed Clean-Up Event at Four Mile Run.

  • May 2019 - The PorterPlus team supported the First Service Residential annual field day event held at Fairfax Hunt Club.

  • Employee recognition programs have been rolled-out and maintained to demonstrate our true appreciation and to increase employee connectivity.

In business, there is always fear and uncertainty in making investments that don’t guarantee a tangible, trackable return. But when you capture some of this activity with photographs, you immediately understand that the value is priceless.