Navigating the Challenges of a Changing Labor Market

In this day and age, you can’t turn on the news or read a publication without hearing something about the following: 

  • Unemployment at Record Lows

  • Minimum Wage Rate Mandates go into Effect

  • Immigration Policy Impacting the Workplace

 For some Americans, these topics are in the background, and don’t seem to directly impact their daily lives.

However, for businesses in service industries that rely on lower-wage, front-line employees, these topics are front and center of our daily conversations and have a direct impact on our ability to support our clients each day.

 As a business in the service-sector, our key to success is attracting, training and retaining front-line employees who care about the services they provide and the clients they support.

 The 3 factor mentioned above (Low Employment, Minimum Wage Increases, Immigration Policy / Legal Workforce), make this mission a bit more challenging.

But as entrepreneurs & business leaders, that’s what we signed-up for…Challenges!

 Every company has their own strategy and game-plan, but at CleanOffice / PorterPlus, we feel that the key starting point is situational recognition and communication.

 Our clients hire us because they are confident that we are experts in what we do, and it is our job to manage the situation effectively.

In addition, it is our responsibility to keep our clients informed, not only of situations that are specific to their accounts, but on a global-level too.

 Currently, there is a swift under-current of the 3 factors, which is shrinking the available labor pool.

But we are constantly looking at programs to optimize our ability to attract, train and retain the very best candidates for each position at each jobsite.

 This includes monetary programs like improving wage rates & subsidizing health care costs.  But it also includes working with our front-line employees to ensure that we are working with them on a successful plan. 

 Our HR Department includes a full-time Recruiting & Staffing Coordinator who is dedicated to working as a conduit between our Operations Team and our work-force to ensure that our staffing efforts are as successful as possible.  During the hiring / placement process, we work through a number of factors to make this happen:

  • Are we assigning them to a location that has a manageable commute?

  • Does the employee need access to public transportation?

  • Is this job a good fit for their skills and experience?

  • Are their skills and experience going to meet client expectations?

  • Is the client’s budget realistic based on their work-force needs?

  • Is the wage rate competitive with similar positions in the same geographic sub-market?

 Like most challenges, there is no clear-cut answer or solution.

So our mission is simple – Keep our Clients Informed and Develop Programs that Optimize Successful Hiring / Staffing.



Elevating the Value of Clean! The TRUE Mission of Building Service Contractors!

I find it truly amazing that after 16+ years of sitting in the same desk and running the same company in the same market, that epiphanies continue to occur.

Sometimes it’s seeing things in a new way, or coming up with an idea that has meaningful impact on our internal operations, and sometimes it’s simply recognizing something that has been there just staring us in the face.

Recently on a flight home from an industry conference in Miami, I was reflecting on the messages of the keynote speakers along with the numerous conversations and casual discussions with my industry peers.

This conference was a gathering of 250 Executives from commercial cleaning companies across the country.  We call ourselves BSC’s (Building Service Contractors).  And this event in Miami was a congregation of the best and the brightest in our industry.

So, what was my epiphany…?

As I reflected back and replayed the conference in head, I became clearly aware of the fact that this collection of BSC’s truly and deeply care about their company, their clients, their employees, their industry at large and the properties we support.  As a group, we refuse to accept and adhere to the status quo.   We aspire to be “needle-movers’ and we are collectively on a mission to elevate our game and to transform the role of “cleaning” from a mundane task to a mission-critical component of running a successful property or facility.

From improving front-line performance to using technology and tools to offer seamless, real-time communications, we are truly pioneers in a new era of cleaning and facility support.

We are truly elevating cleaning (and other associated property support functions) to a valued service that requires effective management and support.

As a business owner / operator, I fully understand that there are literally thousands of options for cleaning / facility support in the DC Metro area alone.

And I realistically recognize that CleanOffice / PorterPlus cannot support every property in the DC Metro area.

But I do encourage you to work with a contractor who is an active and dedicated member of BSCAI.

Take a quick visit to the BSCAI website and you’ll quickly see how the members of this association are committed to Elevating the Value of Clean.